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Conti Castile Olive Oil Soap Bar 3.7oz

Conti Castile Olive Oil Soap Bar 3.7oz

SKU: 165464

ContiCastile Olive Oil Sensitive Skin Bar is 100% natural and contains pure Virgin Olive Oil, a superior moisturizer that replenishes skin oils and promotes healthy skin. Our bar is made without animal products, preservatives, or animal testing.  ContiCastile's method of processing maintains all of Virgin Olive Oil's natural nutrients-Vitamin D, Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and trace minerals. These nutrients are in a form that can be most easily and effectively used by the skin to: Fight free radicals with powerful antioxidants. Nourish and protect the skin. Combat the effects of aging. Virgin Olive Oil also contains Oleocanthal-a powerful anti-aging, anti-inflammatory compound. ContiCastile Olive Oil Sensitive Skin Bar lathers smoothly, provides extremely gentle cleansing and is not drying. It's hypoallergenic and fragrance free-so it;s perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

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